Toy Donations

One of the most important tools to facilitate play is a toy; however, many underserved children around the world and those in unfortunate circumstances don’t have immediate access to toys. Through Mattel’s toy donations, we are able to provide instant joy to children in need and provide a beneficial play experience.

Mattel’s Toy Donation Program

Each year, Mattel receives thousands of requests for toys. As part of the company’s toy donation program, priority is given to nonprofits that serve children of all ages. Qualified organizations will be determined and contacted by Good360, on behalf of Mattel. Good360, a leading nonprofit organization in the field of product philanthropy, administers the Mattel Toy Donation Program domestically.

Applying For Toy Donations

Qualified 501c3 organizations can register to be eligible for toys and other product donations on Good360’s homepage. To become a part of the Good360 nonprofit network, please go to - []. For more information, please contact Good360 at (703) 836-2121.

Mattel's Charitable Sales Program

The Mattel Toy Store also offers a Charitable Sales Program for those entities that do not qualify for the Mattel Toy Donation Program. Our Mattel Toy Stores offer a charity discount and can assist with selecting toys that will fit into your budget. Learn more about the Charity Sales Program or call (310) 252-6880.

Disaster Relief

In a new strategic shift to support disaster preparedness and relationships with first-responder organizations, Mattel and the Mattel Children’s Foundation made a total cash donation of $750,000 for multi-year disaster support to Save the Children and the American Red Cross. This groundbreaking initiative enables Mattel to have a significant impact on disaster relief much earlier in the process. Mattel also provides thousands of toys to our partners in times of disaster, including toys in safe space shelters to be used to provide “normalcy” to children in times of a disaster.
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